AMS Community Health Clinic & Birth Center

In December of 2008, the Africa Mission Services (AMS) Community Health Clinic opened its doors on a full-time basis. Located in Engos, Kenya, the clinic serves a population of approximately 7,500, primarily of the Maasai tribe. Originally the clinic started as a general outpatient dispensary but over the years has evolved to be the primary medical and women’s health center for the community. Given the growing demand, in January of 2018, a renovated ward was turned into a birth center. What started out as 5 babies born in the first several months of the clinic opening, has now grown into a bustling maternity with an average of 50-60 child births a month. 

The health center is primarily staffed by local Kenyans, with several from the local Maasai tribe. Francis Aho, the director of the clinic, is a certified nurse midwife with a passion for women’s health. The staff are dedicated to providing this community with a place where they can come for skilled care – from primary to preventative medical care, to pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum care, newborn care, to education and access to modern family planning methods. 

The health center works closely with the Kenya Ministry of Health providing women with easy access to government funded programs – such as well child immunizations, various campaigns, and HIV voluntary counseling and testing. In August of 2018, the clinic was accredited to accept the National Health Insurance Fund and provide Linda Mama services, a public funded health care program that covers uninsured patients for maternity services. Thus, patients are able to access the AMS Birth Center services free of charge. In addition to basic services, the AMS Birth Center offers ultrasound scans and ambulance transfers in the case of an emergency.

In Kenya, the maternal and neonatal mortality rates remain staggeringly high. Through offering evidenced-based care, the AMS Birth Center seeks to decrease these rates, giving families hope.  It is the goal of the AMS Community Health Clinic and Birth Center to offer families a healthcare center where they can receive expert care, be treated with respect, and their cultural practices valued. It is only through our dedicated supporters around the world that we are able to offer these services. To you – we say thank you from the Africa Mission Services team, our clinic staff, and our community. Together, we make a difference. 

A walk thru of the construction site of the new AMS women’s health center… ❤️

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In the short month of February, the AMS Birth Center assisted 41 women in childbirth. We even got to welcome a newborn into the AMS staff family!

Special thanks to all who support the work we do! Your prayers, thoughts, and financial support is what keeps us going! Thank you!

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In 2021, the AMS Birth Center assisted 593 women in childbirth… May God bless each of these families and little ones! Thank you all for your support this past year - making it possible for us to give women in this community a safe place to give birth. ❤️

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Sorting baby kits for the birth center. Thank you to all who donated the supplies!! ❤️🙌

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We feel blessed to be able to give each newborn a cozy warm cap made with love. Thank you to those who go out of their way to keep our babies snug!

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The AMS Birth Center has welcomed 19 newborns so far this month!

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Join us on the exciting new project of constructing a women’s health center! Link in bio
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