AMS provides an opportunity for volunteers to contribute to Maasai community projects by raising donations and participating in various development, medical and educational activities. Over the last few years, hundreds of doctors, nurses, teachers, evangelists, builders and students have volunteered their time with AMS and made a significant difference in the lives of people who face challenging circumstances.

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Building Projects

 Africa Mission Services went to the community and asked the elders what it was they needed. Their answer was, “Schools, clinics, clean water.” AMS then took that information and presented it to American groups who have joined us to help provide those things.

AMS has built dozens of classrooms where hundreds of children now attend school. They’ve also completed a clinic and added dozens of water catchment systems to buildings they’ve already completed. The lack of transportation means more small schools are needed in villages in the surrounding areas.

Construction remains one of our primary projects in the Trans Mara. Current plans for the 2013 development season include expansion of several local schools, a boys dormatory and an extensive remodel/expansion at Engos Clinic.

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Medical Services

Medical education and assistance is one of the greatest needs in the area. AMS has built and continues to oversee a self-sustaining clinic, Engos,  to provide these services to the local Maasai.  Groups of volunteer doctors and nurses come and assist there as well as serving others throughout the area at traveling bush clinics.

Our next medical group is currently scheduled for late March 2014. Others with medical qualifications wishing to spend some time with us are welcome to join one of our upcoming individual-based volunteer trips. Engos Clinic always welcomes medical professionals willing to share their time and skills!

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Community Development

General community development opportunities are many. Typically these are under the umbrella of a construction or medical project, but we also have opportunities for people who wish to come on their own and volunteer individually in the community. This could include teaching classes or overseeing sports at one of the local schools, or just spending time with the students; helping around the clinic in a non-medical capacity; or spearheading other projects in the area, such as health awareness talks, agricultural lessons, or simple fellowship times at one of the nearby churches. Or whatever else a person is skilled at and passionately wants to share.

If it’s your desire to be involved in development work among the Maasai, let us know your area of interest and we’ll see if there’s a niche for you in the work we do here.

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