Adopt a Project

With your generous help, we can accomplish all of the proposed goals a lot faster. Help us by adopting a project today!

Oloosinon Primary School $10K Once


need description here.


We'll furnish the school so all the students will have a desk.

Water Catchment System

We'll install a 1000 Litres water catchment system.

Engos Secondary School $35K Once

Build a brand new secondary school in Engos

Need description here.

5 Classrooms

need description here.

2 Teacher Rooms

need description here.

Engos Clinic Medicine $25 p/month

$25/month in medicine

Providing the clinic with $25/month to purchase medicine will help us cut down disease in the area by 20%

50 people

We will also be able to see an additional 50 patients a month.