Water is LIFE!

In 2014, Pam visited the Oloosinon Primary School as a volunteer helping build the dinning hall. While their she connected with the children and soon realized that clean water was greatly needed.

Over 10 years ago a well was dug at the Oloosinon school – it worked for a while but soon the bottom caved in blocking water from being pumped. The well was repaired once but only worked a short time – as it really needed new casing to prevent further cave in. Thus the children were forced to collect water from the local water pans and springs – which are far from clean.

Realizing the need, Pam went home and went to work with several partners who fundraised the needed funds to repair the well properly. In September the well was repaired – new casing installed, an electric pump, and a 10,000 liter holding tank with a tap.

Now the children are blessed with clean drinking water – and – right within the school compound. No more walking long distances for dirty water. Water is truly life giving! Thank you all who contributed to this project to make it a reality. Thank you Pam for seeing the need and acting on it…


2 Replies to "Water is LIFE!"

  • Jo-Anne Himmelman
    October 16, 2015 (2:17 pm)

    Wonderful gift from Pam and the other volunteers. This shows how affected volunteers are when they take part in the Africa Mission’s volunteer programs. When they leave the community, they take a little bit of the community’s heart with them.

  • Pam
    January 24, 2016 (1:14 am)

    What a beautiful, simple gift… WATER… Now that they have water… help me finish the operating room at the ward cabinets and counters, toilet, bathroom and scrub sinks, doors for OR, ventilation for OR… Jump on board…

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