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Water is LIFE!

In 2014, Pam visited the Oloosinon Primary School as a volunteer helping build the dinning hall. While their she connected with the children and soon realized that clean water was greatly needed. Over 10 years ago a well was dug at the Oloosinon school - it worked for a while but soon the bottom caved in blocking water from being pumped. The well was repaired once but only worked a short time - as it really needed new casing to prevent further cave in. Thus the children were forced to collect water from the local water pans and springs - which are far from clean. Realizing the need, Pam went home and went to work with several partners who ...

Kettering Mission Trip (Part 2)

As I write the group is on their way to Nairobi. It's been a great week! The medical team saw over 700 patients at five different villages and the constructions team got all the brick walls up for the new clinic staff house! The past two day the group has enjoyed going on safari - viewing prides of lions, elephants, hyenas, rhino, and lots more - including a great view of a migration crossing! Thank you volunteers for all the energy you put out this week - both the construction and medical teams! We have enjoyed having you as part of the AMS family! Thank you for the difference you have made in the lives of this Maasai community.   ...

Kettering Mission Trip

A few days ago AMS was joined by a volunteer group of 25 from Kettering Hospital. The past few days the group has been dividing into two groups - medical and construction. The medical group has gone to three different villages so far offering free medical care... While today is still ongoing... The past two days they saw over a 140 patients at each location! Thank you team for all your hard work!

Returning “Home” – Feeding the Soul, Part 2

Continued... It wasn't long after that trip in 2013 that Carrie and I decided we wanted to go back to Africa.  For Carrie, she wanted to meet the two children she sponsored and for me, I wanted to go back and continue to work with the community, work with the school and of course, see the children I sponsor as well.  So for the months that followed, Carrie and I planned our next trip to Africa.  We developed a slide show to show the school while we were there.  Upon our last visit there, the children asked us great questions about life in the states.  Being a photographer, I thought it would be great to answer those questions through photogr...

“Returning Home” – Feeding the Soul, Part 1

In 2011, I took my first trip to Kenya, staying at Mara West and doing volunteer work through Africa Mission Services.  My sister and I joined a medical team (a dream of ours since we were young) who traveled to Africa to do work in the Masai community.  From the time I arrived in Africa, I felt deeply connected to the land, people, culture and all stunning beauty that is Africa.  From that moment on, I knew I would be making many more visits back to this amazing country. For me Africa was a place I had talked about since I was very young.  I always dreamed of traveling there....learning the culture, interacting with local tribes, etc.....emersing ...

AMS Family Additions!!

To all our AMS friends, family, and supporters... Looking back at our blogs - I realize it has been quite some time since any new ones were posted! The reason? Two new additions to the AMS family! In December, Andrew and I were blessed with Austin and Zoe - two healthy, perfect babies! AMS is looking forward to the volunteer groups who will be joining us this year! We currently have a nurse volunteer here for three months and were just blessed with the visit of two of the children's sponsors. Look for posts from the volunteers soon! ~Francis  

AMS Clinic Needs Your Help!!

As many of you know the AMS Clinic has been running full time since 2008... In the past few months we have had a few changes and need your help! Please see the link below for more information and how you can help! AMS Clinic Needs Your Help!  

NetApp Volunteer Team (Part 1) – Completes Dinning Hall!

It was last September that Mei visited Mara West as a safari client and the vision of a dinning hall at the Oloosinon Primary Boarding School was born. Since then, many joined her vision and worked to make the project a reality. Several groups joined AMS this year in working on this project - from laying brick walls, to building the roof and furniture, painting, and more! On Thursday of this week the team of 16 volunteers did the final touches in preparation for the opening ceremony which took place September 12th, 2014! A special thank you to all who contributed to this project financially and physically! It's because of you that thousands of hot ...

Delays… Meetings… & Hopeful Progress

Long dreamed and talked about, the secondary school for the local Maasai community has had its delays... Today, the school board and lands committee met with Pastor Charles - father to director of Kensington Cares, about overcoming the land disputes and moving ahead with the project. The committee, parents and elders were all in good spirits and made promises to see this project move forward. We are hopeful that in the next few months ground breaking will be taking place!! We look forward to working with many of you in the years to come on making this dream a reality! ~FJA


Thanks to the skills of a few local painters the interior walls of the Oloosinon Primary School cafeteria are painted! We are looking forward to the arrival of the NetApp team from California in just three short weeks to complete the project! Plans include the painting of murals, painting the exterior, installing two cookers and having the grand opening September 12th! Children and school staff alike are getting excited to have their first meal in the new dinning hall!