Over $10,000 in donations helps clinic purchase much needed supplies


Blankets, IV fluids, and a vital signs monitor on a trolley. People around the world expect these basics during a visit to a hospital. That’s not always the case at the AMS clinic where sometimes, employees have to improvise or just do without when treating patients.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, that has changed. AMS supporters gave over $10,000 toward a clinic fundraiser in December which means much needed supplies are now available.

The clinic is stocked for the near future with what it needs to provide critical care to its patients. Expensive items like an oxygen concentrator and microscope as well as gauze, gloves, and trashcans are on hand.

This oxygen concentrator will help people with breathing problems.

Funding could not have come at a better time. Both the clinic and maternity ward are dealing with an influx of patients. When government workers, nurses, midwives and clinical officers went on strike, people turned to the AMS clinic for help.

A vital signs machine can be wheeled to different rooms for ease in assessing patients

The increase in maternity patients is stretching resources; over 50 babies were delivered in December. Ninety new prenatal patients in December alone means the baby boom will expand as the pandemic continues.

Expenses increase but fundraising has made a difference.

Other things that are growing because of the pandemic are costs of items the clinic typically tries to buy. Gloves, normally $3.50 a box, now cost $7 or $8 a box. While four boxes of gloves per week does not sound like much, it’s another expense for a bare bones budget.

Due to trip cancellations, the clinic depleted its supply of blankets, hats and baby items previous mission teams had brought. With the current funding, used blankets can now be purchased for $1 and transportation costs covered as well.

Clinic staff sort baby supplies for future patients

Clinic staff can breathe a little easier for now during this unprecedented time thanks to all the AMS donors. With supplies on hand and funds to make ends meet, they can concentrate on what they do best-taking care of those in need.

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  • Cheryl Garnsey
    January 8, 2021 (7:30 pm)

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Grace
    March 17, 2021 (5:33 am)

    Good work here! God bless the team behind this marvelous job!!

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