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LLU Church Mission Trip

Slightly ahead of schedule, the LLU mission group landed in Nairobi July 7th at the early hour of 1:30 AM. With only one piece of luggage missing, the group loaded up and began their journey towards the Mara. At the half way point the group enjoyed a hot breakfast before arriving at Mara West Camp. After a much needed night of sleep, the group started their first day at the project - working on the Oloosinon Primary School cafeteria. The school children welcomed the group with a few traditional songs and dances - even getting a few of the group to join the dance! The project, which started in January, had been worked on by several volunteer groups ...

Oloosinon Cafeteria – Plastered!

After a good month of hard labour by the local construction team, the Oloosinon Primary School's cafeteria is plastered. In just a little over a week a team of volunteers from California will arrive to continue the work - getting the building one step closer to serving hot meals to hundreds of children!

Plastering the Walls!

The project of the Oloosinon Primary School cafeteria was started back in February of this year. We are thankful to all those who gave financially and of their time to make this building go up! While many volunteers come and help get projects up quickly - there is a lot of behind the scene work that our local construction crew does both prior to a groups arrival and after their departure. Currently the crew is busy at work plastering the walls... A special thanks to the crew for all their dedicated hard work! ~FJA

God Giveth & God Taketh Away

We assume things are going to end well - a pregnancy obviously will end with a little bundle of joy. I guess it's a belief God gives us so that we press on in life and look forward to the happy moments. A women arrived at the clinic in distress - she was full term pregnant and was bleeding quite bad. Patient examined, the decision was made to give some fluids and rest a while. Ultrasound showed the rapid beating of a little heart. As the day progressed the bleeding stopped and contractions came closer. Fully dilated the patient began to push... It was one of those deliveries you enter with apprehension as something was not right. Being her seventh ...

Child Sponsorship Program

In September of 2011 a child sponsorship program was started with a Sabbath School program at a church in Parsons, Tennessee. At that time I had no plans of starting up a sponsorship program with AMS but within a couple of weeks I received an email from Kensington that a woman’s group was coming and the leader was interested in sponsoring two girls. In October the Broad Horizons Women’s Group visited the Emurototo Primary School – and in total sponsored 17 children! Since that time others have heard of the program and it has grown to now involve over 40 children! It has been a privilege to be the eyes on the ground watching the children grow ...

A Volunteer’s Tale – “Arriving to the Mara”

Several months ago my then fiancé asked me if I wanted to go to Africa, specifically Kenya and South Africa after our wedding. April is a fourth-year medical student and just matched for a surgery residency in Corvallis, Oregon. It turns out that she has some time to kill before her rotation starts and had also been in contact with a friend of ours who is working with a remote clinic near the Masai Mara in Kenya. Within a few short weeks April had arranged with her medical school to receive credit for any clinical time she could acquire for both Kenya and at a major hospital in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her credits would also be counted towards an ...

UReach Mission Group

The UReach team of 27 from Loma Linda California arrived March 21st at 4:35 AM and headed straight to the Mara. The week was a buzz of activity from visiting a Maasai church, hiking to the "Out of Africa" site, to constructing tables and benches for the new cafeteria and putting the roof on! In addition there was a medical team who assisted at the clinic - giving immunizations and delivering a healthy baby boy and girl! The dental team stayed very busy - seeing over 100 patients in just 5 1/2 days! This was the first time the dental chair was fully operational - many came for fillings and extractions. A big thank you to all who participated in the ...

ReLive Mission Group – March 2014

Completed: March 2014 Location: [fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.845508725475992.1073741834.112523178774554&type=3]

Olopikidongoe Primary School

The oldest primary school in the area and until recently the only boarding school within the district was in need of a major face lift. Ongoing support resulted in a new cafeteria, a dining area and a library including hundreds of books. Though everyone said it would be a useless endeavor and that local families would not pay the fees associated with girls boarding and education, AMS built a girls dormitory. The first year the facility become home to 90 girls. The next year that number grew to 120. School staff stated that many of the girls were placed in the dorm rather than being married off a young age as would have been done traditionally. The ...

Oloosinon Primary School

Few Maasai families have access to transportation, and this makes the need for schools located within walking distance of villages, or bomas as they are called, vital. Beginning as a one room school, the Oloosinon Primary School is now an eight-classroom school with more than 300 students every year. Continued support includes a lunch program, books, uniforms and recruiting donors to sponsor education opportunities for girls. A dormitory expansion is currently near completion. [fbalbum url=https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.497267950300073.130326.112523178774554&type=3]