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Volunteers: Linda & Janina

Completed: June-July, 2010 Location: Engos, both nurses who volunteer at the AMS clinic.

SAU Business School Group

Completed: May 2010 Location: SAU business school visits Mara West for insight into self-sustaining mission work.  

Volunteer: Amanda

Completed: March-May 2010 Location: Engos, Amanda volunteers for 2 1/2 months at the AMS clinic and various projects.

Clinic Doctor & Staff House

Completed: May 2010 Location: AMS Community Health Center (Engos, Kenya)  

Food Donation Delivered

Completed: May 2010 Location: Food donation from Mt. Pisgah Adventist Academy delivered to Oloosinon Primary School (Engos).

California Medical Volunteers

Completed: May 2010 Location: Medical volunteers served at the AMS clinic as well as held mobile clinics.  

Dr. Alley (Resident)

Completed: April/May 2010 Location: Volunteers at the AMS Community Health Center for 4 weeks.  

La Sierra University/ReLive Mission Group

Completed: March 2010 Location: Worked on building a classroom and providing medical services.

La Sierra University Group

Completed: March 2007 Location: Completed the church that was started by the Auburn Adventist Academy group. .